Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Allied Wallet's Cutting Edge Technology


Allied Wallet is the secure and trusted electronic wallet for individuals and companies to hold or transact instant funds transfers around the globe to pay for, among other things, goods to merchants, commissions to global employees, payroll for international companies and services worldwide in any currency.

For Merchants: Allied Wallet is the turn-key global internet payment system for clients that aren’t afraid to dream big and travel the globe physically and financially. An Allied Wallet exclusive value proposition is the ability for merchants to not only collect money and transact global payments via Allied Wallet but the ability to utilize our international payroll system to pay out affiliates, commissions and payroll to a global staff. With offices in London, England and Scottsdale, Arizona and banking partners world-wide, an Allied Wallet account provides payment processing solutions for companies through an e-wallet and provides access to it from anywhere around the world. We give you the power to make your own decisions and we welcome those forward-thinking individuals who erase the line drawn in the sand, and forge ahead.

Other companies like PayPal leave you to handle the integration of the transaction program yourself. Our team takes care of everything. We get you up and running and give you the freedom to run your business the way you want to. After all, who better to judge where and when your business invests, or what you purchase than you?

Allied Wallet Ripoff Instant Prevention (RIP) Technology is a proprietary system built from the ground up to make Allied Wallet the safest and most secure method to transact business online. The Allied Wallet rip off prevention algorithms have been developed over 5 years utilizing both industry standards for fraud prevention in addition to the extensive Allied Wallet customer transaction patterns. From these patterns any transaction that is outside of typical parameters is further scrutinized to make sure that an Allied Wallet user or company is not the victim of a scam or con. The AlliedWallet rip off prevention methods have saved one client over $300,000 in the first quarter of 2008 alone from a scam involving over 70 people.

AlliedWallet Ripoff Prevention / Scam Prevention is under constant development and undergoing improvements with every transaction processed through the system. All this to ensure that Allied Wallet users are secure and know their online transactions are safe.

The Allied Wallet Scam Aware program was launched April 2008 in an effort to inform merchants using the Allied Wallet system of current fraudulent transactions being attempted on the AlliedWallet network. The AlliedWallet Scam Aware bulletins are available from within the secure merchant interface under the support section. Allied Wallet is constantly scanning for scammers trying to rip off both Allied Wallet merchants and Allied Wallet users. Beware of Allied Wallet if you plan on stealing money! Our new systems foiled one scam attempting to rip off a client of over $300,000 in the first quarter of 2008.

for Users: Forget limiting yourself to big, traditional, impersonal financiers to hold your money for you. They do just that: hold it. We customize our services to fit your needs. We are techno-piles, with our finger on the pulse of the industry, always searching for the latest conveniences and innovations for our clients. If you can access the internet, you can join Allied Wallet—no need for a bank account. With Allied Wallet you can purchase anything online and have an ATM card, completely unencumbered by a credit card or the sometimes-compromised information hubs at the big banks, and avoid identity theft.


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